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Mara’s Manga Series- Death Note

Guest column by Mara Wood, contributor at Talking Comics and co-host of The Missfits

If a modern canon were developed today, the manga series Death Note would be on the short list for inclusion. This twelve-volume series by Tsugumi Ohba with art by Takeshi Obata has enjoyed massive international success, with millions and millions of copies in print. A television anime series of the original story exists, as well as expansions on the story in both print and televised formats. For years, Death Note has gripped its audience by showing us a world where Light, the main character, believes he is creating a utopia.

Fair warning: massive spoilers for the manga ahead. If you haven’t read the series already, I highly recommend looking at your local library for copies. VIZ Media, the publishers of the series, have Death Note available digitally on their manga platform and on ComiXology.

Light Yagami is a high school senior who is bored. Though he gets consistently high marks on every exam and has his life planned out, there is something missing. When Ryuk, an equally bored shinigami, drops his Death Note in the human world, Light finds a higher purpose and an outlet for his boredom.

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Investigating “A Body Beneath”


There’s weird, there’s weird, and there’s weird. And then there’s Michael DeForge. You may have heard the End of the Universe team talking about the Toronto-based comic creator’s new book, “Ant Colony,” in our most recent podcast. In between lusty hoots of satisfaction and slack-jawed amazement, we discussed how terrifically inventive, curious, fun, and funny of a read it was. That being said, it is also weird, disturbing, and gross. (more…)