Comic Sense with Julia: January 28th Edition

comic sense 0128

I realized last night while I was trying to fall asleep that being a comic book fan is like having a major holiday every single week. Wednesdays = presents, so who needs birthdays or anniversaries or any of that jibber jabber anymore. (We’ll just ignore the fact that you have to pay for your own Wednesday presents because treat yo self, amiright?) And let me tell you, this week is no exception! There are some fantastic comics coming out this Wednesday. Be excited. Be very excited.

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Comic Sense with Julia: Inaugural Edition

comic sense 0121

On a weekly basis comic enthusiasts face a dilemma: which series are worth buying fresh off the shelves and which are better left to collect dust in long boxes. With a plethora of new comics coming out weekly from every publisher, going to a comic store can be a daunting task. But hopefully, I can help with that! If you choose to trust my opinions (which you should), I’ll guide you through some of the issues hitting the shelves each week so you’re ready when Wednesday rolls around. Continue reading

Shannon Watters

We missed you guys!

Our first episode after the big move to Minnesota is an interview with the fantastic and hilarious Shannon Watters of Lumberjanes. A written version of our conversation, including some portions that aren’t in the episode, is available on Comics Bulletin (here).

The BOOM! Box Mixtape will be in comic shops on December 24, and to preorder Help Us Great Warrior (Diamond code DEC141209) or Munchkin (Diamond code NOV141115), just ask your local comic shop!

Our musical feature is the Shanghai Restoration Project, which draws its creative inspiration from the 1930s Shanghai jazz bands, an early example of East meets West that has become an international legend. Produced by Chinese-American Dave Liang, TSRP revives this exotic blend by melding Chinese instruments with the Western sounds of hip-hop and electronica. You can buy their albums here.


Mara’s Manga Series: Josei Manga

Guest column by Mara Wood, contributor at Talking Comics and co-host of The Missfits

He leaned back at his desk, surveying her intently.  He sighed, rolled his, and spoke in an exasperated tone:
“Look, it’s for the company.  My father won’t promote me to president until I start a family.  You’ve been a secretary for this company for 3 years, and you are devoted.  I don’t have time to date, and my parents choose insufferable women.  Marry me, help me advance in this company, and I’ll cover your parents’ debt so you won’t have to work as hard.”
The young secretary blushed.  She didn’t know what to say.  The vice president is cold, distant.  The other office workers avoid him at all cost.  But they never mentioned how handsome he is.
“O…K,” she offered, hesitantly.  Her parents were crushed under the weight of their debt, and the hours she put in at the company barely made a dent.  She thought of her two younger siblings, and how this opportunity could change everything for them.
“That’s settled, then,” he said, leaning forward on his desk.  “Give your apartment number to my assistant, and he’ll arrange to move your items this afternoon.”
“It’s best to get this done quickly.  I’ll add you to my family registry this morning.”
“Wait!  Isn’t this too fast?  I mean, I don’t even know your name!”
“We’ll get to know each other very well, don’t you worry about that.”

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For the Hallow-days: Haunted Horror Unlucky #13

“Say, what’s that shadow moving there?”


Coming just in time for the hallow-days, Haunted Horror #13 is here (and queer)! Reprinting the cream of the corpse of forgotten pre-code horror comics, Yoe Comics (an imprint of IDW) has been churning out over-sized chills on a bi-monthly basis for two years now. Ranging from creepy to campy, the scary to the hairy, and from the damned to the damned funny, Haunted Horror has crept its way onto many a horror fan’s pull list. Continue reading