new sticker DO YOU LOVE YOUR LCS? Nominate them to be featured on our show! It’s easy— just call 612-849-0545 and leave us a voicemail with the name of your comic shop and why you love it so much!  We’ll use your nomination on the show to spotlight your local shop, as well as independent comic creators and musicians near you. You can also send an .mp3 nomination to us at podcast@endoftheuniversecomics.com Bonus #1: This counts as 2 entries to win a free copy of Eisner Award-winning series Sex Criminals! Bonus #2: I’ll send FREE STICKERS to your shop to hand out to all of their customers, and I’ll personally mail one out to you!  What kind of sticker, you ask? A sticker featuring the VERY PRETTY PICTURE I made above ^!

New Feature!

We want to hear about YOUR local comic shop.  Please call in or send us an .mp3 about your favorite shop and why you love it!  We will be choosing from these voicemails and featuring comic shops around the world in a brand-new feature, but we need YOUR help!

You can call us at 612-849-0545 to leave your voicemails, or send audio files to podcast@endoftheuniversecomics.com

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