Investigating “A Body Beneath”


There’s weird, there’s weird, and there’s weird. And then there’s Michael DeForge. You may have heard the End of the Universe team talking about the Toronto-based comic creator’s new book, “Ant Colony,” in our most recent podcast. In between lusty hoots of satisfaction and slack-jawed amazement, we discussed how terrifically inventive, curious, fun, and funny of a read it was. That being said, it is also weird, disturbing, and gross. Continue reading

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Surviving the Safari Honeymoon

“Everything in this damn jungle is either trying to eat us or crawl up our asses!”

In the deep, exotic jungle… where predation lurks around very corner… in which every last plant is poisonous, and every damned creature wants you dead, lays… the perfect honeymoon getaway!



Published by the stellar Koyama Press, and surely unlike anything you’ve ever read, Safari Honeymoon is an original graphic novel from Ontario-based comic creator, Jesse Jacobs. Intensely detailed and beautifully constructed, Honeymoon is psychedelic on such a level that each copy of the book might as well come with a complimentary tab of LSD (hey, might not be a bad marketing plan). However, for those of us who didn’t get the acid in the mail, Jacobs’ bonkers artistic style and batshit imagination is conduit enough. Intelligent yet straightforward, and executed in a completely bizarre fashion, Safari Honeymoon is Summer 2014’s sleeper hit of acid. Continue reading

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