Katy’s the funny one, Greg’s the smart one, Mitch is the cute one.

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katy profile Katy Rex

Katy is super cute.  She really really likes dinosaurs and probably other things too but all she can think about right now is dinosaurs.  She has cats.  Her hair was blue.  One time as a child she wore a yellow tutu on her head to school complete with a yellow turtleneck and yellow leggings to be Mr. Sunshine.  She’s not all that crazy about gender.  She was very upset when her teachers told her to take off her sunglasses because that basically ruined the whole look.

What I’m reading right now:

  • Rat Queens
  • Rocket Girl
  • Velvet
  • Lazarus
  • A Voice In the Dark
  • The Saviors
  • Coffin Hill

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IMG_1490Greg Mannix

Greg Mannix hails from Chicago, and knows the importance of pre-code horror comics. He is also a regular contributor to Glass Orchid Magazine. He likes to go out, but prefers to stay in. He can hold his breath for 30 minutes, but only once. Right now he’s reading:

  • Prophet
  • Mind MGMT
  • Haunted Horror
  • Jupiter’s Legacy
  • The Auteur

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Posts by Greg

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mitch dogMitch Miller

Mitch is a southern boy who has moved across the country a few times and even to Japan. He likes dueling banjos, underwater basket weaving, and brewing his own beer. One day he hopes to take over All Songs Considered from Bob Boilen. He will need to bone up on his fighting skills for the Highlander like battle.

Mitch is also like pretty cute, even though it’s impossible to be cuter than Katy.  He likes a lot of kinds of music and one time when Katy’s cat ran away he played her a song about a cat with two heads to cheer her up.  He has literally never picked his nose in his entire life.  Impressive, right?

What I’m listening to right now:

  • Cloud Nothings
  • Manchester Orchestra
  • Nobunny

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On twitter as @bboyisastutter

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